Werkzeug requires at least Python 2.3 to work correctly.

Installing a released version

As a Python egg (via easy_install)

You can install the most recent Werkzeug version using easy_install:

sudo easy_install Werkzeug

This will install a Werkzeug egg in your Python installation's site-packages directory.

From the tarball release

  1. Download the most recent tarball from the download page
  2. Unpack the tarball
  3. sudo python setup.py install

Note that the last command will automatically download and install setuptools if you don't already have it installed. This requires a working internet connection.

This will install Werkzeug into your Python installation's site-packages directory.

Installing the development version

If you want to play around with the code

  1. Install Mercurial
  2. hg clone http://dev.pocoo.org/hg/werkzeug-main werkzeug
  3. cd werkzeug
  4. ln -s werkzeug /usr/lib/python2.X/site-packages

As an alternative to steps 4 you can also do python setup.py develop which will install the package via setuptools in development mode.

If you just want the latest features and use them

sudo easy_install Werkzeug==dev

This will install a Werkzeug egg containing the latest Subversion trunk code in your Python installation's site-packages directory. Every time the command is run, the sources are updated from Subversion.


The egg builds include a documentation which is available in the docs folder of the egg. If you're running linux you will find the documentation here:


where X, Y and Z must be replaced by the python / werkzeug version number.