API Stability



Werkzeug has not yet reached 1.0 and as a matter of fact some things might change over the time. The following modules will very likely change in one of the next release versions:

Currently the path converter does not sort properly and we will change the way sorting works there. Try to avoid path as much as possible for the time being.
The community contributed modules are yet undocumented and we expect some upcoming changes there.

Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • the BaseReporterStream is now part of the contrib module, the new module is werkzeug.contrib.reporterstream. Starting with 0.3 the old import will not work any longer.
  • RequestRedirect uses now a 301 status code. Previously a 302 status code was used incorrectly. If you want to continue using this code use response = redirect(e.new_url, 302).
  • lazy_property is now called cached_property. The alias for the old name will disappear in Werkzeug 0.3.